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Heroes Iconathon

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Heroes Iconathon is a weekly icontest with one ultimate goal: to win the season and therefore the gloating privileges.

Each individual challenge will be based on an episode of the first season of Heroes, working in consecutive order from the pilot to the season finale.

Icon makers will be required on a weekly basis to create their icons given the particular material for each challenge.

Voting will be open to the public, but unlike LIMS competitions, nobody will be eliminated. Instead, points will be awarded to the winner each week, and two runners-up.

At the end of the season, points from every challenge, including any bonus rounds, will be tallied and the winner will receive a fabulous banner. The first runner-up will receive a not-quite-so-fabulous but still pretty awesome banner.
001. Participants will be expected to enter in every challenge. Failure to do so will result in one point being subtracted from the their final score for every challenge missed.

002. This is a Heroes season 1 challenge. Entries using graphic novel images will be disqualified. Crossover entries will be disqualified. Entries from other fandoms will be disqualified.

003. We will not tolerate character bashing in challenge entries. Character bashing will result in the participant's immediate expulsion from the season.

004. Individuals who are signing up should include the word cheerleader somewhere in their sign-up comment.

005. There will be approximately two bonus challenges during the season. This will be an opportunity for those individuals who have lost points to earn them back. No points will be lost for lack of participation in these challenges.

006. All entrants must sign up before the vote for the first challenge is posted, ignore the fourth rule and type telepathy instead, here.

007. Most importantly, this is supposed to be fun. If there are issues, entrants are encouraged to try to peacefully and calmly work them out amongst themselves.
Every week, voting will be open to the public. Voters will be instructed to choose their three favorite entries, in order, and give a constructive reason why they like them. Votes will be tallied, and the top three will receive points as follows:

1st Place: 10 points
2nd Place: 5 points
3rd Place: 1 point

At the end of the season [22-24 challenges] the points will be tallied, and winners will be announced.
A few things to remember about Heroes Iconathon's scoring:
Just like school, if a participant skips, they will lose points off their final score. As of now, participants stand to lose one point per challenge they do not complete. If skipping becomes a problem, the number will go up.

However, just like school, it is a participant's responsibility to finish the challenges in a timely manner. Late submissions will not be accepted. A participant may skip as many times as they want, but whining about a decreased point tally at the end of the season will not be tolerated, and will prevent the participant from being allowed to enter the following season.

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